Recent work

In progress (February 2023): Size 2, Alpine spruce over SE Asian rosewood (D. cochinchinensis). The Size 2 is modeled on a 1924 CF Martin 2-17. It is a 12-frets-to-the-body slot-head instrument with a 24.5″ scale.
Most recent OO-OM 13 fret (25.34″ scale). Sitka over Guatemalan rosewood
(available for sale at Mighty Fine Guitars in Lafayette California)
This OO-OM (25.34″ scale) was built for musician Don Rich in 2011. Don sold this one back to me in 2021. I have replaced the top this year (2023). It is available for sale.
Koa Size 2 in progress
(sold at Mighty Fine Guitars, Lafayette, California)
OM 28, Torrified Sitka over Indian Rosewood, in progress
(sold privately)
1936 Advanced Jumbo replica
(sold at Mighty Fine Guitars, Lafayette, California)


I retired from a 34-year career as an evolutionary anthropologist specializing in the behavioral ecology of non-human primates as a perspective on human evolutionary history. I love music, wood, tools, and especially guitars, so I retired to learn to build guitars and to build them for the rest of my able years.

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