PSRodman Guitars
Traditional steel string acoustic guitar construction
See my work in progress here
Completed July 8, 2018
More photos
Completed May 2016: No. 52
North Indian Rosewood/Sitka
Now for sale
CompletedJuly 2016: No. 53
North Indian Rosewood/Englemann
Owner: Tim Wong, slack key player
Instruments for sale
Photos of completed guitars
Video of Quinn Hedges
playing No. 41:
Original music from his new CD
Slightly South of Stormy
My Angel
Music of Max Cohen
on No. 35, the first Rodman baritone
Music of Don Rich
played on No. 31 a standard jumbo
Music of Mark Sutton
played on No. 16, the rosewood
Jumbo, also called "The Sutton

It would be a great pleasure to build a guitar for you.
Please look at the instruments illustrated here and in
the gallery to see what I have done so far.
If my work appeals to you and you would like a
handmade steel string guitar of excellent materials,
please contact me to discuss your interest,
preferences, and pricing.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Peter Rodman
5432 Tufts St
Davis, California 95618

Telephone: 530-574-2329