"LG" was the designation by Gibson of the "Little Guitar" of the 1940s to
the 1960s. There are three models of the LG: The LG-2, which has
X-Bracing, the LG-3, which also has X-Bracing, and the LG-0, which is
all mahogany and is ladder braced. My second guitar was an LG-0
bought in 1958, the year the LG-0 was introduced as the bottom of the
Gibson line. I think it cost $75 at a department store in Bel Air,
Maryland, and it came with a fake alligator cardboard case.

In 1965, my LG-0 died in a college dorm room accident, with the top split
in many pieces, and the back cracked and broken. I kept the pieces in
the case for 40 years until I could learn more about guitar repair, and
then I rebuilt it. The rebuild required patching the back with a piece of
the top, and I replaced the top with an X-braced cedar top. The bridge,
neck, sides, back braces, and most of the back are still original. The
original tortois bindings are replaced with Gibson-like white plastic.

I imprinted on my LG-0--it was like my fifth limb for 7 years. Naturally, I
have copied it to produce the Rodman LGs
Woodcraft padauk sides and back,
cedar top, lumberstore mahogany
neck with padauk center
lamination, padauk & maple
rosette, padauk peghead overlay,
and (very gaudy) padauk & maple

Bubinga back and sides, Sitka
spruce top, Engleman spruce
bracing, ebony peg head overlay,
ebony fretboard and bridge, bone
nut and saddle, ebony and maple
high lights (back, tail, heel cap),
maple bindings, mahogany neck
with center lamination of maple.
French polish finish.
No. 2007-9

Black walnut back & sides, "red
bear" Lutz spruce top, Honduran
mahogany neck, ebony fret board,
cocobolo bridge, bone nut and
saddle, maple bindings and heel
cap, Engleman bracing.

The Rodman LGs