Music by Max Cohen Live at Braemore Hall playing mahogany baritone, No. 39
PSRodman Guitars
Traditional steel string acoustic guitar construction
No. 2014-44
D. tucarensis/sitka spruce
Shipped March 3, 2014
Instruments for sale
Photos of completed guitars
Video of Quinn Hedges playing
No. 41:
Cover of Pink Floyd's "Fearless"
Music of Max Cohen
on No. 35, the first Rodman baritone
Music of Don Rich
played on No. 31 a standard jumbo
Music of Mark Sutton
played on No. 16, the rosewood
Jumbo, also called "The Sutton

It would be a great pleasure to build a guitar for you.
Please look at the instruments illustrated here and in
the gallery to see what I have done so far.
If my work appeals to you and you would like a
handmade steel string guitar of excellent materials,
please contact me to discuss your interest,
preferences, and pricing.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Peter Rodman
5432 Tufts St
Davis, California 95618

Telephone: 530-753-2328
Model: Rosewood 00-12 fret